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Feaatured Coaches in Australia

Kerry Dalzotto, SCP
Adelaide, Australia

Shop 12, 467 Fullarton Road, Highgate SA 5063
Contact: +61 (0) 417 810 837


With over 12 years experience in the health and wellness industry and an extensive background in a wide range of healing modalities.  Kerry has a wealth of understanding of how to achieve optimal health for mind, body and spirit. Kerry is also an Elemental Space Clearing® graduate.

The knowledge and wisdom Kerry  has gathered over the years from both personal and professional growth together with extensive world travel and life experience allows Kerry to be of greater service to her clients in pursuing a life of joy and abundance. As a Soul Coaching® Practitioner Kerry helps individuals to discover their true authentic essence and access their powerful wisdom within.

Kerry is passionate about working with the elements of nature to bring about change and transformation on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). She creates the space in which people feel safe, enabling empowerment of the body, mind and soul to find the nourishment it so deserves in order to thrive and succeed in life.

Contact Kerry today and find out how she may assist you on awakening your magnificent inner potential through Soul Coaching®.


Jennifer Parker

Melbourne, Australia

Trained at the International Institute of Soul Coaching® in California Jen is certified as a Soul Coach, Past Life Coach and Oracle Card Reader. Jen was trained and mentored by internationally renowned healer, author and teacher, Denise Linn. Jen was one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise chose to personally train in her specialised methods of coaching.

Jen is also trained and practiced in energetic therapy and intuitive channelling. She believes everyone has the ability to connect into a higher wisdom of knowing and guidance.

It is an honour and a privilege for Jen to help others uncover their own inner wisdom, power and truth. She believes that Soul Coaching® gives you permission to really live your life. It helps break down those internals walls and rules that are set up through fear or self protection and it allows you to live your best life. When you are living your truth you attract an abundance of joy and happiness.


Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins
Mob: 0413584579

“He / She who angers you controls you!” Elizabeth Kenny.  

Coaching you to safely express your Soul Truth, gain your Spiritual Justice and live a fulfilled life, no matter what age.

YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BELIEVE and if that old negative belief is buried deep in your subconscious from the past, childhood, or even a past life, then it is on automatic overdrive for this belief to magnetically come true for you to keep experiencing until cleared.

I am an Advanced Soul & Past Life Coaching Practitioner, Inner Child Whisperer, Visionary Intuitive Practitioner,  Journey Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer  and Reiki Master, with many other talents in my Soul Coaching® repertoire to assist you.

Have you been betrayed, abused, abandoned or rejected in the past and still repeating? Are you always looking for approval, acceptance, purpose, healing for health, inner peace or love, never finding it or able to hold onto it, continually striving for more without knowing why?

Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins has a wealth of metaphysical knowledge, life experience and professional development. She is able to connect on a Soul level with her clients, and uses many ancient techniques to provide freedom from emotional, physical, spiritual & mental trauma through her personal and group sessions. Bernie coaches you to reconnect and express your Soul truth and gain your Spiritual Justice at the completion of your sessions. Clearing on a Soul & Cellular level is the most powerful clearing possible. To live life fully, without regrets before your deathbed, is priceless!

She is known as the ‘wounded inner child whisperer’ and her natural talents have helped clear many traumatized souls, differing ages, of their past subconscious programming and back into conscious living in the present moment with amazing results. She prides herself in being able to help others to access where the wounded child resides within the body, giving the child and adult, a voice for soul & cellular transformational change to take place. 

Coming from her own personal heartache and a traumatic childhood of bullying and sexual abuse she personally understands on a soul level how to energetically clear the subconscious programming, patterns and health problems.  She will assist you to re-connect to your missing fun, laughter, abundance, lost dreams, inner peace and freedom to begin again and would be honoured to be your Inner Coach.

I offer personal & skype sessions, distant healings, workshops, check out my website –


Maree Thomas
Through her compassionate nature, support and advice, Maree has assisted thousands of people to enhance all areas of their lives, including personal relationships, Spiritual path, Health, Family, Fun, Career and other crucial aspects.
Maree started her own business at 19 and bought her first property at 21.  She was recognised as a dynamic, high-energy investment consultant and licensed real estate professional. She operated her own real estate, property development and financial planning companies, whilst assisting her clients to achieve their goals through her advice and practical help.
Maree knows what works and will assist you to achieve your dreams.  Her journey has been guided by the input of numerous spiritual masters and she also has a wealth of practical experience to draw from.
Maree’s qualifications include a Diploma of Meditation, she is a certified practitioner in Soul Coaching, Healing and Feng Shui.
Detailed information about Maree and her services is available on her Website
“Meeting Denise Linn 16 years ago was a turning point for me on my spiritual quest. Denise opened up a whole new dimension in my life, and showed me just how powerful the energy of love and light can be. Her support and guidance has helped me profoundly in the way I carry out my work and my life and for that I am eternally grateful”


Kyla Tustin

Soul Coach & Energy Healer

Your Power Centre

2/44 West Street, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Phone us: +61 (0) 419 222 592

Email us:

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Do you feel lost, anxious or stressed?  Are you seeking more love, confidence, purpose or peace in your life?

At Your Power Centre we support you to ignite Your Life with Your Heart and Your Soul while having fun ..... so you are free to truly live life again filled with joy, confidence and love.


In your Soul Coaching session you will be guided to connect with your inner wisdom, power and true self. Working at a deep level to release negative emotions, patterns and fears which may be preventing you from truly LIVING YOUR LIFE as we awaken you to your greatest potential .... YOU.

Kyla intuitively integrates practical Life Coaching and Soul Coaching®  tools, with energy and crystal healing so you can achieve more out of every session and in every area of your life. You’re fun, interactive and personalised session will be tailored to meet your needs and goals to create positive transformation within your mind, body and soul.

As a compassionate and gifted healer, Kyla provides you with the opportunity to self- heal and transform your life within a sacred and supportive space. Kyla is passionate about Soul Coaching®, energetic healing, following her heart and supporting you to awaken to your confident self. She integrates over a decade of corporate and holistic healing experience, with tools and techniques from world renowned teachers, including Denise Linn, to offer you practical and enlightening support and techniques for your personal development journey.

Kyla has worked with clients internationally and runs her successful practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, located in Balgowlah (nearly Manly) and Lotus Health, Neutral Bay; she also provides distance healings via Skype, email and telephone. Call Kyla today to ignite your life with passion, purpose and inspiration 0419 222 592 to book your one-on-one consultation or to simply discuss any healing queries you might have.

"I could not have desired such an incredible outcome for myself as what the 28 days of soul coaching has given me. Not only has it fine tuned my focus, clarity and the direction I was missing but it highlighted for me desires and intentions that I had long forgotten were important to me and all under the amazing guidance of Kyla and her beautiful soul." Marina, Sales Consultant, Northern Beaches



All Certified Coaches in  Australia

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Eva Alnser Melbourne, Australia
Janine Beck Tasmania, AU
Bonnie Beven Cairns Qld
Melinda Brodie Bondi NSW 
Jennifer Brown Melborne, AU
Michelle Chant Canberra, AU
Kerry Dalzotto Highgate SA
Kara Eddington SouthCoast, NSW
Sophia Fairchild Sydney, AU
Karen Flegg Canberra, AU
Bernie Giggins Queensland
Carole Edmunds Neutral Bay
Moniika Incekalns Australia
Peita M Lane Manly, AU 
Mirta Cristina M. Australia
Maria Mamanidis Sydney
Susheela Mariappan Perth
David Miskov Sydney
Rebecca Nelson Melbourne, AU

Sheree Pearson


Jennah Rose Melborne, Au
Maree Ross Auckland, NZ
Cassie Schwind melborne, AU
Lorraine Stewart Australia
Maree Thomas Sydney
Tess Tunnell Queensland AU  
Kyla Tustin

Balgowlah, Australia
Judith Waller Melbourne

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