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Barbara Amrhein-Krug
Im Einklang leben
Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (HpG)
Schöllkrippen Deutschland

Ein Sprichwort aus Indien besagt, dass jeder von uns wie ein Haus mit vier Räumen ist – einem mentalen, emotionalen, physischen und einem spirituellen. Die vier Elemente Luft, Wasser, Feuer und Erde sind unterstützende Werkzeuge beim Betreten dieser inneren Räume.
Im Soul Coaching® Programm wird das alte Wissen der 4 Elemente genutzt, um verborgene oder sichtbare Unordnung zu bereinigen, sich mit der Kraft des Universums zu verbinden und so die innere Stimme der eigenen Seele wahrzunehmen.

Ich freue mich, wenn ich Sie durch dieses kraftvolle 28 Tage Programm führen darf. Das Programm ohne Bindung an einen Ort in einer online Gruppe zu erleben ist für viele, die sehr beschäftigt sind oder keinen Soul Coach® vor Ort haben, eine wunderbare Möglichkeit – natürlich auch per Telefon.

Danke Denise, dass ich 2003 Soul Coaching® bei Dir in Paso Robles erleben und erlernen konnte und dadurch die Wahrheit meiner Seele immer intensiver höre.



Terry Bowen

Terry took the long, expensive way into coaching. Having developed as an intuitive medium, people came to Terry to hear from their loved ones in Spirit, and to be told how to live their lives. This didn’t feel right, and what he asked what he could do, he was heard about coaching and searched for a company to train with. When he found one that he thought would be good, he signed up and then regretted it. The coaching method wasn’t right and wasn’t what he was looking for.

In 2006, Denise Linn joined Hay House Radio and Terry listened every week to her show ‘Soul Coaching®’ and loved her style and way of words. This was the coaching he was meant to do. It wasn’t until June 2008 that he took his first steps into becoming a coach, and hasn’t looked back. Having run groups online and in person, worked with individuals and helped people around the world, Terry knows the true power of Soul Coaching and what it can do for people.

As someone who always wants to teach what he learns, when you take training with Terry you will get the full package. He will guide you in how you can become the best coach you can be. Not only for yourself, but for your clients too. It’s his passion in helping people to live a life they love, that when you train with him, you will learn how to do the same.


Jessica Eriksson, Soul Coaching®  Master Practitioner

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Phone: +447710435095



Languages: English and Swedish

I came across Soul Coaching® in 2013, when I was searching for Life Coaching courses online. I had never heard of Denise Linn or her teachings. Reading about Soul Coaching® touched my heart so deeply that I cried and sobbed and I knew in that instant, that this was something I had to do.

Five months later I was in California with Denise Linn and a lovely group of women. That first Soul Coaching®  course completely changed my life. I came away with so much clarity and insight about myself, my life and my life purpose.

I knew this was part of my life purpose, to guide other women with this amazing work by Denise.

Since then, I have done the Advanced Soul Coaching®, Past Life training and Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training, all trained by Denise herself. 

I love nothing more than holding a sacred space for women, guiding them to find their truth, to help them hear the whispers of their Soul. It fills me with such joy to see them have huge breakthroughs and AHA moments. I love seeing them become more empowered and how they start to really love themselves and live their lives with so much more JOY and love.

 All my sessions are intuitively guided and I do add my own personal touch by using crystals, oracle cards, energy clearing tools and vibrational essences.

Each and every journey/session is of course different, but they are always deeply beautiful and empowering to witness. I meet my clients in person or via Zoom or Skype.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Deborah Lewis-Pummell

Hello, I’m Deborah

Sometimes we lose ourselves to find ourselves. I used to be lost in my own skin, my light had gone out and I found myself moving through midlife without clarity, direction or purpose. My journey of self-exploration allowed me to discover my true self.

I write through the lens of my heart and share the beautiful tools that guided me on my journey to listen to my soul, follow my heart and create a life I love; using nature, photography, journaling and soul coaching® to inspire you on yours.

Soul Coaching® is a beautiful and gentle way to discover your own inner wisdom, resources, and your own answers. It introduces you to beautiful sacred tools to help you discover clarity, direction and find joy, meaning, purpose and sacredness in your life.
If you are interested to discover more visit: 



Augusta Rieber Munir, SC, SCOCR
Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Istanbul, Turkey

I was born in Germany and studied music - and movement education, with piano as my solo instrument. Worked, studied and performed in Paris, London, and the Mediterranean island Cyprus. Since 1991 I am based in Istanbul, my two adult children are currently studying in London. Living abroad and in an international community always felt exciting and exotic.

My spiritual and personal development training lead me to Denise Linn and Soul Coaching®. I had found my treasure. A new feeling of real joy and deep healing on many levels occurred over years in my life through Denise's teachings - for which I am immensely grateful.

As a Soul Coach® I feel blessed to create and hold safe, sacred space. I am passionate about both 28-Day online courses, SC® Oracle Card reading sessions and Past-Life Regressions. The creative aspects of the SC® Vision Board- and Miracle Box workshops make these effective manifestation tools into enjoyable, memorable sessions with a clear focus on the desired outcome. From this work I created two workshops, i.e. 'My Future Self Starts Here and Now', and 'Power Word Frequencies', all combined with guided meditations and soul journeys.

I am always delighted to observe in my Soul Coaching® community the healing shifts and life force which the energetic field of the Soul Coaching® processes hold. I love witnessing how they change and improve people's lives.
My intention is to support you on the path of your personal growth and hold the space for your shift so that you re-connect to your innate joy-of-living - no matter what else is occurring - and become your true authentic Self.
My blessings are with you.


Coach en Carrières Internationales / International Careers Coach
Coach de Leadership par le développement spirituel / Leadership Coach through spiritual development
Soul Coaching® SC55 - Adv6

Superviseur référencé ICF/ ICF Mentor Coach
Certifiée PCC / PCC Certified
T: +33 (0)6-64-03-20-09


I am a Professional Coach, Trainer for Coaches and Mentor Coach living in Southern France, in the “Pink City” of Toulouse. I have trained professional coaches in France, Quebec, and online all around the globe (in both French and English) since 2012.


As a Coach and Soul Coach, I work with people finding themselves in international careers and also in the field of Leadership development through spiritual growth. My clients are Senior Managers, Executives, Professional Coaches and young entrepreneurs, and I LOVE to work with each of these profiles! In fact I LOVE diversity! I assist my clients to gain an awareness and a balance between their professional fulfillment and who they deeply want to become in this life.


I previously was a Philosophy Teacher and Careers Adviser in London (UK) and then in Beijing (China). As a researcher I specialized in comparative philosophy between German Idealism and Indian Buddhism. I strongly believe I was already and unconsciously preparing myself to become a soul coach at that time. I think that each one of us is guided. I just allowed myself to listen to the messages who would allow me to eventually find my inner path. Life is beautiful, and universe is Extremely good and wise to each of us if we listen to it. We’re all guided. We just need to carefully pay attention to the messages that are here for us all along. I am here, as a Soul Coach, to assist people to hear the messages that are here only and especially waiting for them.


Professional Background:

  • ABD in Comparative Philosophy

  • Erickson College International Professional Coach (ECPC)

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Certified Soul Coach (CSC-55)

  • Advanced Soul Coach (Adv6)


Blanka Vun Kannon
Life Purpose | Happiness | Success
Montclair, New Jersey, USA: in person and long-distance coaching
Praha, Česká republika: osobní konzultace i koučink na dálku

I truly believe that to be happy, we have to first accept who we are and align our life accordingly. It is impossible to be happy when we are having internal struggles or not liking ourselves.
Soul Coaching® is a very unique program. It can create powerful results in short amounts of time. I witnessed amazing self-realizations happening in just a fraction of time compared to what it would take in more traditional methods.
I am using a combination of soul journeys and self-inquiries. My coaching style makes hearing the messages of your soul simple and very effective. It doesn’t need to take long to create results and start enjoying wonderful changes in your life.
It is a true honor for me to coach another person. I bring the best of myself and all my life experience and learning. With me, you embark on a journey into your soul, a profound way of connecting with your true self and hearing your inner wisdom.
As a Certified Soul Coach® and Certified Happiness & Success Coach, I support others in creating happy and successful life.
It would be a joy to work with you!

Abychom byli šťastní, musíme nejdříve přijmout sami sebe, to, jací jsme a následně příslušným způsobem změnit náš život. Pokud jsme plní vnitřních konfliktů nebo sami sebe nemáme rádi, tak nebudeme nikdy šťastní.
Je mi velkou ctí, že jsem mohla studovat Soul Coaching® s Denise Linn a že jsem – doposud jako jediná v Čechách a na Slovensku - získala tuto jedinečnou schopnost pomáhat druhým slyšet hlas své duše a napojit se na svou vnitřní moudrost.
Soul Coaching® je velmi unikátní program – běhém krátké doby je možné dosáhnout neuvěřitelných výsledků.
Pokud máte zájem se dozvědet více, navštivte prosím mé webové stránky. V České republice jsem několikrát ročně. Nabízím také konzultace po telefonu či Skypu.
Těším se na Vás!


Carol Kellendonk

My name is Carol Kellendonk. I am certified Soul coaching® practitioner, equine coach, parenting coach, teacher, musician, mother of four children. I am here to help you connect with your inner truth, your own wisdom , so you can make the right choices for your life.
Soul coaching® is a very powerful coaching, that enables you to align with your core values, and find your very personal path and your authentic self . This approach offers very simple tools to help you in your everday life and spiritual growth.
I offer :
- Soul Coaching® sessions at my home in Lyon ( France) or per skype
- 28 days to discover your authentic self programm
- 28 days to unlock the secret messages of your body programm
- Soul Coaching® sessions with oracle cards readings
- Soul Coachng® sessions with horses.
- Soul coaching® collage sessions at my home in Lyon (France).

I speak french german, english, swiss german.

Je m’appelle Carol Kellendonk, je suis praticienne en Soul Coaching®, musicienne, enseignante, coach équin, coach parental et mère de quatre enfants.
En 2017 j’ai découvert le Soul Coaching® et Denise Linn. Ce coaching spirituel m’a tout de suite inspirée, et j’ai décidé de me former la même année.
Aujourd’hui je souhaite vous accompagner sur votre chemin de vie, afin de vous permettre de vous lier à votre sagesse intérieure , à votre créativité et votre joie, de vous permettre de vous reliez à vos valeurs profondes et de vivre une vive en alignement avec celles-ci.
Le coaching de l’âme, Soul coaching® est un outil puissant qui vous permet de tisser des liens avec ce qui est en vous et ce qui vous entoure, afin d’alléger le quotidien et de prendre des décisions qui vous ressemble.
C’est une approche qui propose des outils concrets pour transformer son quotidien.
Je propose :
- des séances de Soul coaching® en individuel chez moi ou par skype (région lyonnaise)
- Le programme de 28 jours pour découvrir votre authenticité (par skype)
- le programme de 28 jours pour débloquer les messages secrets de votre corps (par skype)
- Ateliers de collage Soul Coaching® en région lyonnaise.
- des séances de soul coaching® avec lectures de cartes oracles.
- Je propose également de séances de Soul Coaching® avec la présence du cheval en région lyonnaise.
Je propose toutes mes séances en quatres langues : français, anglais, allemand et suisse allemand.


Celestyna Osiak, Soul Coaching Master Practitioner/Trainer, Past Life Coach
Phone: 509389100


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