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Alishia M. Alibhai, Ph.D., Psychology, Soul Coaching® Trainer, Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner, Past Life Coach
Divine Bliss Enterprise Corp.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Office Landline: 403-775-0576

Upon the completion of my Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 2009, I followed my heart and traveled that same year to California to train with Denise Linn to become a Soul Coaching® practitioner and Past Life Coach. I was very drawn to ways of connecting with our inner wisdom and working on a Soul level.

I opened my practice (Divine Bliss) in 2009, which was created out of a passion to help people enhance their health and well-being, discover their life purpose, clear mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical clutter, and achieve their desires through connecting with their inner wisdom. I have been so grateful to offer a range of workshops to clients, including the Soul Coaching® 28-Day Inner & Outer Clutter Clearing program, Vision Board workshops, Past Life Journey workshops, private coaching sessions, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Readings and so much more. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and also do a lot of work with essential oils, cord cutting, and pendulums.

In 2014, I trained again with Denise Linn to become an Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner and in 2016, I was blessed to receive personal training from Denise to become a Soul Coaching® Trainer. I am so honored to be carrying on the Soul Coaching® legacy and to be able to certify new Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

Blessings to you and I look forward to connecting!




Patti Allen, CSC, MA



Patti Allen, M.A. has a rich and varied background in the healing arts, education and public speaking. Certified as a Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer and Past Life Coach (trained by founder Denise Linn), Rubenfeld Synergist & Mentor, and Reiki Master, Patti runs a successful private practice with a focus on “growing your soul”. With the needs of her clients in mind, Patti integrates the deep work of Soul Coaching® with dream work and more, to offer clients the tools to develop a grounded and balanced body, mind and spirit.

For ten years (1999-2008), Patti served on the teaching staff of Seneca College in Toronto in the field of Holistic Health. Patti developed and taught the only course on dreams offered by a college in the Greater Toronto Area. With a specialty in facilitating dream groups, she presents lectures and workshops on this subject.

Patti has appeared as a frequent guest on television and radio where she teaches the public to work with their dreams; most recently, in a 13-week television series called “In Dreams”, on W and currently available on

“I am pleased to be offering Soul Coaching® Practitioner Trainings, along with Soul Coaching® groups, one-on-one Soul Coaching sessions, in person or by phone, computer and email. Whether new to personal growth or a seasoned explorer, Soul Coaching® provides you with a gentle yet powerful tool in your soul’s transformation. You can begin wherever you are at this moment! The Soul Coaching program is the most balanced and authentic tool that I’ve seen for growing your soul, while staying in touch with your body and emotions and continuing to live in the world! I would be honoured to guide you in this journey. Blessings, Patti”



Kelly Chamchuk, Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer

Phone: 604-944-8971 Greater Vancouver, BC Canada

Wherever you are on your path, Soul Coaching® can help accelerate your progress. Learn how to let go of the past, embrace the present and look forward to an incredible future designed with passion and purpose. It truly inspires me to see the beautiful transformations in people who embark on this journey of self-exploration.

My belief is we all hold our wisdom within, and sometimes we simply have to remove the clutter that is blocking our way to it. This clutter can present itself in non-serving thought and beliefs, emotional baggage, physical clutter and things like fear, that prevent us from living to our greatest potential. We all deserve to live life in balance and harmony.

Join me for my online programs held throughout the year, try a one-hour coaching session, explore an issue through a guided interactive meditation called Soul Journey or past Life Journey, have fun at a retreat or workshop, and consider becoming a Soul Coaching® Practitioner and begin to share this wonderful life altering program and services with others. Certification programs are held throughout the year in various locations.

As a nature lover, I enjoy working with the elements; this is where I best connect to my soul. Travel pushes me out of my comfort zone while photography, writing, cooking, entertaining with friends are my favorite grounding pastimes. My corporate background is in training and coaching and I enjoy sharing my personal life experiences as examples that there is always another way to look at life. I am blessed to have worked with Denise Linn as a mentor in her Hay House online programs and have met such beautiful people around the globe doing this heartfelt work.

My passion and expertise is in assisting you to create ‘sacred space’ in your life and home and I would be honored to guide you on your journey.

My additional certifications and experience includes; Reiki and Energy Healing, Past Life Coach, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui™ & Seven Stars Space Clearing, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™, Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming, and Oracle Card practitioner along with Advanced Psych-K®; offering a range of processes to explore your subconscious beliefs. Please visit my website for a full range of services or subscribe to my newsletter for special events and offers.



Dr. Dahlia Mostafa
Skype ID: dahliamostafa4life

Dr. Dahlia Mostafa is an award-winning Humanitarian with 46 International Awards. She is a Source of Inspiration & Motivation; Dedicated to awaken souls around the globe; Gifted to touch the life of others, Empower their mind, Rejuvenate their soul, and help them achieve their goals. She is the President and CEO of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy, an Online & In Person Educational Academy and a Social Enterprise focusing on Societal, Family, Marital, Youth, Career, Personal Problems, Development, and Leadership. Believing that Knowledge is Power, the academy’s vision is to empower humanity through education, Soul Coaching®, Life Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring, and cutting-edge Psychological tools, tips, tactics, and strategies. Dr. Dahlia is a Professional Certified Master Soul/Life Coach, Marriage & Youth Counsellor, Leadership Consultant & Trainer with 15 years of experience. She has been living in Canada for 13 years now. She holds four coaching degrees from Canada & USA. Dr. Dahlia is a Ph.D. Fellow in Leadership, Policy, and Change with a Focus in Counselling Psychology. Dahlia Is Fluent in English, French, and Arabic. She regularly appears on CBC and CTV and hosts and produces her own Radio and Video Show “Inspirations with Dahlia Mostafa” on Canadawy Radio & YouTube.

Her vision is to help individuals around the world, to bring out the best in them, and help them create a fulfilling way of living; and her mission is to enrich the quality of relationships and family life while promoting the development of children into happy, secure, self-sufficient, emotionally robust adults; ones who are capable of becoming respectful constructive citizens. She is also dedicated to help immigrants, newcomers, and refugees to settle and integrate in North America.


Gillian White

Healing Homes and Souls  

Calgary, Alberta


Certified Soul Coach, Past Life Coach & Oracle Card Reader, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner®

I have a love affair with energy and hope that when you begin this journey you too will fall in love.  Many years ago, I discovered how easy it was to influence my life by simply implementing a few changes within myself and my home.  My life became easier and more abundant; my relationships deepened and my home became a true sanctuary. To this day I am filled with a state of acceptance, love and joy in all that life has to offer.  My life's purpose is to share what I have learned and know that has worked for myself, my husband, my three children and the world around me. I look forward to helping you bring sacredness and love to yourself, your life and your home.
Many Blessings,



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Patti Allen Ontario
Heather Angus Canada
Lori Anthony Salmon Arm, B.C
Barb Stone Bakstad
Banff, AB Canada
Shuswap, BC Canada
Darryl Baehnk Manitoba
Roseanna Ienco Barned British Columbia
Adele Bentivegna Ontario
Dr. JoLee Blackbear Ontario
Marie-Johanne Bourget Quebec city
Maureen Bracke Alberta

Julie Buckley Ontario 4164187308

Kathy Boyd

Rose Prairie, BC
Kimberly Carroll Ontario
Kelly Ann Chamchuk British Columbia
Christine Ciona Saskatchewan
Jenn de Valk British Columbia
Shanon Darbyshire Alberta

Wendy Digout, CSC

Nova Scotia
Suzanne Delisle Quebec
Mary Dixon Nova Scotia 

Marie-France Dayan

Laval, Quebec

Justina Espenant Ontario
Charisma Fernando Ontario
Jan Hunter Alberta
Rosemarie (Rose) Janzen Alberta
Linda J Jervis Vancouver
Jessica Lynn Johnson Calgary, AB
Leslie Keith Alberta


Shelley Kitching 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Guylaine Labossiere Manitoba, Canada
Hetty Laidlaw Alberta
Kay K. Lam Calgary, Alberta
Bridget McFarthing Port Perry, ON
Clare McNab Maple Creek, SK
Misasha Ontario
Renuka Mohan Calgary, Alberta
Victoria Musicco Victoria, B.C.
Jayne Myatt Alberta 403 826 1936
Rachelle Paquette Durham, Ontario
Shannon Parsons Ottowa
Meretta Pater British Columbia
Michele Petosa Bolton, Ontario
Sharon Prosser British Columbia
Mira Rados Niagara-Hamilton-Toronto
Deborah Redfern Victoria, BC
Melinda Reidl Ontario
Di Riseborough Ontario
Marie Roberge
Montréal, QC
Cheryl Rodgers Ontario
Julia Roy Canada 418-931-2204
Lina Russo Ontario 
Heather Scrimgeour Alberta
Joanne Schoneck Alberta
Sonja Schramm Ontario
Sandee Sharpe Ontario

Helen Sokolowski-Rumble

Marilyn Springer Alberta
Michelle Strumecki British Columbia
Gloria Stewart Alberta
Patti Tucker Alberta
Catherine (Cathy) Turner Victoria, B.C.
Jenn de Valk British Columbia
Judy Ward Ontario
Ilona Warda Ontario
Gillian White Alberta
Shawna Whitlock Alberta
Susan Woywitka Alberta
Edyta Wojdalowicz Ontario 647 402 1166
Regina Wright St. John's, NL


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