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Ways to participate in group programs:

Participate in an e-group : Participate in an online workshop lead by  one of our many other Soul Coaching® Practitioners listed on our site. Email allows you to be in a group and share online as an group workshop, in an even more anonymous setting, but at a far more convenience. Soul Coaching practitioners run their programs in different ways, so browse through the listings to find the practitioner and program that is right for you.

Join an In Person group workshop in your area lead by a Soul Coaching® Practitioner. Groups programs vary in length and structure by instructor but all contain the same core content and experiential aspect that Denise highlights as the center core of all of her programs.

Some coaches offer a full 28 day program and other offer a one day or evening workshop that offers a Soul Service. The dynamics of working through the program as a group are phenomenal and powerful. The synchronicities that will occur for the participants are amazing and wonderful changes will begin immediately in this atmosphere.

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Want to work privately?

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Our Calendar also lists our upcoming Practitioner Certification Programs. Practitioners enjoy going through the program with their instructors, and then are also certified to work with others using our method!




 Soul Coaching Practitioners are trained by the Soul Coaching® International Training Institute


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